Friday, 11 February 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen..

Been a few days since the last blog, it’s difficult to pick up the net for long enough on the road sometimes..

Our next gig since we left you, and the naked man last after Club Zwölfzehn, Stuttgart was at the Weekender Club, Innsbruck.

We had a day off before the gig in Innsbruck so we took a leisurely loaf around the old town and took in the beautiful scenery including the famous ski jump, which we sadly didn’t have time to have a go on ourselves..

Being abroad we decided to do the typical English thing and go for a curry that night.. (sorry Innsbruck) the curry was actually pretty good.. Later that evening we caught up on much needed sleep after an instalment of Jurassic Park and several bottles of ‘Easy Rider’ beer, because as it quotes on the bottle ‘life is tough enough’..

The night of the gig was great! The venue was full of students who came to watch us and dance the night away to Philip’s expert djing skills (of course we joined them til the early hours..) After the superb gig, we were invited to play an encore and finished the night off with ‘Subside’ to a great reception, then to join the party on the dance floor. Thanks to Erwin, Andy, Mike and the rest of the crew at the Weekender Club.

..Oh yeah, after flicking through the local magazine ‘Innsbruck Informiert’, backstage, we stumbled across a half page photograph and write up of ourselves.. but sadly we have not yet learnt to read German.. so hope it was good guys..!

After a seriously late night in Innsbruck, the next morn was a seriously early start to make it to our live session and interview with Austria’s FM4 radio. Post long drive, several coffees and a spot of medicinal hangover vomit we arrived fresh as a daisy to FM4’s head quarters. The live session went really well and we had a good chat and interview.. We recorded ‘Reflection’, ‘Subside’ and ‘First Hand’ acoustically.. Link to the interview coming soon.. stay tuned..! Big thanks to Susie, Eva, Florian and Willi who made our visit rather enjoyable indeed..

No sooner had we taken our headphones off in the live booth and finished our mediocre canteen baghettes (not complaining as they were gratis..!), we were back in the bus and on the road to Vienna’s Rhiz club.

Sat Nav’s are a fantastic invention and a sound investment, but sometimes they fail and you have to walk the streets.. alone.. searching for the venue and finally giving up flying solo, you take a deep breath and unsubtly slip into a rather suspect Viennese sex shop.. and leaving your dignity at the door.. you ask for directions to the venue.. Obviously, like in Britain’s comedy series ‘Bottom’, I was in said erotic emporium purely in interest of science…

For those unfamiliar with UK’s TV series 'Bottom'..

Upon our arrival to Vienna’s, Rhiz club after several more embarrassing attempts at directions, we set up for sound check.. If you haven’t been, the Rhiz club is a little reminiscent of the Cavern Club in Liverpool, UK.. minus the Beatles of course.. The gig went real well, was real intimate and was good to see old friend and now local Vienna boy Rob.. The gig was actually filmed by one of the attendees..

Check out some of the live videos of the gig on you tube thanks to ‘frautralala’..

Apart from the dodgy characters hanging around the toilets, we enjoyed our time at the Rhiz club and shared some of our thoughts on with Kat, from Frock’n’Roll..

Have a listen to the interview on SoundCloud..
(note: recorded outside.. in the cold..)

That night we stayed in the biggest apartment I think we have ever seen.,. set in what seemed like Vienna’s ‘Vegas’ quarter, complete with a theme park.. which again, we had no time to have a go on.. Thanks to Stefy for letting us stay.. your flat has the largest shower that actually looks like a Roman Bath..

Falling asleep whilst driving and preparing yet another sandwich of rye brot and all the cheeses we were head banging in the tour bus to Bowie’s Sound and Vision on our way to Nürnberg’s, MUZclub.. We liked this venue lots.. backstage it’s like Grandma’s front room and the food is like her’s too..! Fantastic.. Thanks to everyone who came to this show, it was brilliant.. We played our full set and still were asked for an encore so Adam played a solo of ‘No Love Here’ (an unfinished song), which went down superbly.. We will be back Nürnberg.. we share the love..

Our next show is in Berlin, at Levee Club Friday 11th February and it’s the official E.p1 launch party.. come down and party with us.. we can’t wait to play ex Bang Bang Club again.. it’s been too long..

…also.. check out our blog in German on complete with the Alan Partridge link..

Thomas & Red Drapes x

P.s.. here is a picture of the naked Stuttgart man for your enjoyment..

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