Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Dear all,

Apologies for a slightly delayed post. We have been very busy but have gathered together some thoughts and photographs from our recent visit to Berlin to play a headline slot at the renowned venue Bang Bang Club. This was Red Drapes first visit to play Germany and was made to be very special.

It all began with a lengthy coach journey which took us through many cities upon the way, passing beautiful streets and land that adorns Europe. Arriving in Berlin quite sleep deprived we made our way to the place where we were staying and an afternoon sleep was had. The flat we stayed in could not be more perfect, a traditional pre-war loft apartment that we could describe as being very poetic and felt highly nostalgic. A place such as this very much suited our moods for the duration of the short visit.

We arrived at sound check to be met by people outside who had been waiting, which astounded us, but a great surprise which we welcomed. To receive such a welcome was very unexpected and for our first visit to Germany can only make for great things to come. The best part of all was the decor, playing in front of some beautiful red drapes made us feel very comfortable and that it was all very much meant to be. The show itself was fantastic and showcasing the songs and our sound to the people of Berlin and Germany will remain to be a fond memory. We had some limited edition handmade ep's for sale on the night, which everyone will hear about very soon as we had only just finished making them. We shall write a further blog containing all the details about the ep's and how they can be purchased. After the show we spent the evening drinking the finest German beer which is extremely hard to beat. I must say it has been hard coming back to what is on offer here.

The feeling of being in Berlin is one of complete freedom to choose to do what you so desire. With that in mind we hope to travel back over very soon. From the response we had, Germany and Europe seems to be a place where we and our songs are very welcome. It was really nice to meet some lovely people at the show and thank them for their kind words.

We would like to thank Robert of Quartett Booking, Theresa of C.N.M. Booking, Lisa, all at Bang Bang Club, and everyone who made it a special show.

 Berlin you are a beautiful city and we will be back very soon.