Monday, 26 October 2009


Photograph by Dan Wilton           

We are fresh faced from doing a photo shoot with a very talented young photographer Dan Wilton. Here is one early above for your eyes to see and is a taste of more to come from the photo shoot so more coming very soon! There are some new live shots up too on our myspace and facebook, follow links below!

Since we last spoke we have been working hard in our rehearsal place alongside the gigs on new material which we are really excited about. From some intense writing sessions from merely going over some initial ideas we have got some ridiculously exciting songs to show and will hopefully demo them before the Christmas tree gets put up! We have 2 NEW tracks just shy of being finished in the studio, fear not they are just around the corner and will meet everyone's ears very soon! From all this the idea is to do a limited to 200 ish Winter EP, handmade by us!

In the meantime keep checking the page, add the songs to your profiles and if you haven't already get our daily updates by becoming a fan on Facebook, and tweets from Twitter. We now have a Blogger which we update all the time with news and pics e.t.c so you call follow that also. 

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Monday, 12 October 2009


Dear all again..

We have recently moved into our lovely rehearsal space which is going to be our home for the forseable future. Our lovely 'red room' is in an old Victorian pub with beautiful bare floorboards and is where we write and rehearse new material.

Keep checking our myspace page for live rehearsal clips and studio demos of new tracks by following the link 



Tuesday, 6 October 2009

ARTROCKER 'NEW FAVOURITE BAND' ARTICLE...Read what they had to say

Dear all..

We are pleased to say.. last week were in a feature by Artrocker in their 'New Favourite Band' section.

"Here’s a great bit of classic 80s indie pop from Red Drapes. It’s very Psychedelic Furs - but unlike a lot bands that plough this particular furrow, the tunes don’t get lost in histrionics. Red Drapes don’t try too hard, and get everything just right as a consequence."