Friday, 23 April 2010

E.P 1

Dear all,

We have recently designed a handmade limited edition Ep which we have titled Ep.1 limited to 100 copies. They are handmade by us and are available from Rough Trade stores now.

Enclosed is 5 track cd and booklet of the full lyrics to each of the songs. We plan to make another edition titled Ep.2 late summer which will also be limited and handmade.


First Hand 
Hush Now The Dockyard
Dirty Windows

Lyrics booklet

The Ep is available from Rough Trade East, Brick Lane & West, Notting Hill stores, London.

Rough Trade Website
Click here to order E.p 1 from Rough Trade Website

Rough Trade East
Old Truman Brewery,
Brick Lane, London.

Rough Trade West
130 Talbot Road, London

We hope you enjoy.