Monday, 25 January 2010


Photograph by Dan Wilton          

Dear all

A few days ago the sun did make an attempt at pushing through the clouds, but overall a beautiful winters day. With that in mind I thought we should put this photograph up on here which was taken late summer last year by Dan Wilton.

January has begun with further writing and rehearsals for shows and we are very much looking forward to playing live after a short break. I must say despite the break I have missed it and am definitely yearning, for that's the place where us and the songs belong. All the live dates are now on the right hand side of the blog and will be updated regularly so you know where we'll be. Also our regular tweets can be found on this here page too now. 

We mentioned late last year that we were looking to make some limited edition cd's or an Ep handmade by us. We are designing it at the moment and will hopefully have all the details soon as to where they will be available. It is something we would like to make for people to have and think it is always nice to have something someone has made you.

If you haven't already you can join our mailing list on the right hand side just be submitting your details. And we can be found on Facebook, Last Fm, Twitter just follow the links on the right side for up to date news and live dates.

Spring is on the wind and I very much feel it coming.