Monday, 7 February 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our tour diary starts here.. we left old blighty one miserable Thursday morn en route to Salzburg.. our rest stop on the way was in N├╝rnberg where we had a good kip, a good beer and smashed the coffee percolator prior to a swift exit (sorry)… the next day we crossed over to Austria and arrived at the Rockhouse, Salzburg.. Great venue, great people, great gig, great party and our own apartment.. complete with home cooked food..

We played a slightly shorter set that night as we were part of a big 6 band line up. After we spent the night by the limited edition merch table listening to good Danish bands.. slept deeply and intoxicated that night.. A big thanks to Stefan, Hp, the crew, Willi and everyone that watched us play at the Rockhouse.. we’ll be back soon…

9am, freezing, a satsuma, holey cartoon cheese, fun size mars bars and our tour bus won’t start..! 2 hours later the friendly breakdown man comes and gets us back on the road (thanks pal).. the drive to the next venue in Stuttgart was beautiful.. the Austrian snow capped mountain scenery is pretty breathtaking in the bright sunshine and even better with an underlying Twin Peaks soundtrack on the van’s system..

Arriving two hours late to Club Zwolfzehn, Stuttgart, we unloaded and sound checked, accompanied with the largest pizza in Germany.. which didn’t last too long.. The gig that night was.. bizarre to say the least…

Dear over sexed half naked man that danced your vile, lurid erotic-esque dance (that was so very wrong indeed) you did provide an extra visual entertainment, true.. but only trough your shear idiocy.. of which will be posted on youtube.. Stay tuned, it’s Swan Lake meets Alan Partridge ‘would you like me to lap dance for you..?’ a beautiful moment.. Colin, you should have lamped the guy, he was asking for it..

We slept that night at the Hotel Rotenweld, which will hereby be referred to as ‘Rottonworld’, and despite it’s suspect name, we had a rather pleasant stay and watched an episode of Bottom on the laptop before slumber.. the morning saw a quick shower with Tricky Ricky..!? (the odd brand name of complimentary toiletries supplied as standard at Hotel Rottonworld) and one boiled egg..

Next stop Innsbruck.. stay tuned.. 

Thomas & Red Drapes x

P.s. What is it with having to pay to have a piss on the Autobahn over here..? the toilet guys get real emotional when you jump the barriers, apparently claiming you don’t speak German doesn’t cut it.. it then turns physical… bah.. keep your spotless and impeccably fresh smelling loos.. we’ll take to the trees and save our 50 cence…


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